Things you should know...


When we return for recurring service, we don't repeat all of the tasks listed...we maintain them.


We do not climb higher than a 3 foot, 2-step ladder.  Most homes have at least one light fixture/ceiling fan that can't be reached by hand.  They also may have furniture that cannot be lifted.  When this occurs, we try our best to reach this area with an extension.


Please allow for some dust resettlement after we leave.  We try to limit the dust in the air, but cannot prevent this entirely.  Blinds will be dusted, but may have extensive build up that cannot be removed.


We are pet friendly, but appreciate your help in making sure that pets are secured and safe on cleaning days.  For health reasons, we have instructed our staff to leave certain items and/or areas untouched:  pet crates/beds, litter boxes, vomit, fecal matter, and pet urine.

For a complete listing of all policies, please refer to our Service Agreement.  If you are interested in having an item cleaned that isn't listed, please contact us.  We will try our best to meet your customized Cleaning needs!


We do not...

  • Clean/shampoo carpets (additional fees apply)

  • Clean chandeliers(additional fees apply)

  • Provide stain or insect removal

  • Wash walls (we spot clean only)(additional fees apply)

  • Clean exterior of windows(additional fees apply)

  • Remove paint

  • Service outdoor areas(additional fees apply)

  • Clean areas above the reach of our 3 foot step ladder(additional fees apply)

  • Clean animal waste/litter/urine(additional fees apply)

  • Move heavy items

  • A full listing of areas not serviced is in our Service Agreement